Conditions treated

The various techniques used at Core Essence during Sports and Remedial Massage are specifically designed to effectively deal with soft tissue ailments; Some of the most common although not exhaustive are listed below:

Tension, tightness and soreness

Sore and tight muscles and joint can occur for a number of reasons such as postural dysfunction, overuse injury, muscle fatigue, DOMS (delayed onset muscle syndrome), bio-mechanical faults and muscle imbalance. Muscles and other soft tissues can become shortened and over active or lengthen and weak. This imbalance can spiral, leading to considerable discomfort. Sports massage and deep tissue massage will target those tight and sore muscles in order to re-establish harmony in their functionality, pain free movement and prevent injury. Various techniques will be used to maximise the outcome of your treatment.

Back Pain

Back pain and especially lumbar pain alone probably affect 1/3 people in the UK adult population each year. There are many causes of low back pain and in many cases Sports Massage will contribute in reducing the discomfort felt as well as improving the condition. A full assessment will be carried out to check the suitability and that it is safe to deliver treatment.

Neck pain

Neck pain can be caused by poor posture, trauma or day to day stress or inappropriate workplace set-up. Some of the conditions that can significantly improved with sports massage are Wry neck or torticoli, whiplash, postural dysfunction, nerve impingement, stenosis…

Muscular tears, sprains and strains

Tears, sprains and strains can be the result of trauma or an awkward movement. Although they may well fix themselves, treatment can speed up healing, allowing the injury to repair successfully while reducing the painful debilitating symptoms. Advice will also be provided in order to prevent reoccurence of the injury.

Joint stiffness

The range of movement of any joint in the body can be significantly reduced due to joint stiffness. During sports massage, various mobilisation techniques will be used resulting in the sensation that the joint is more supple and flexible. In most cases these results are noticeable by the end of the treatment.


The range of movement of any joint in the body can be significantly reduced due to joint stiffness. During a sports massage, various mobilisation techniques will be used, resulting in the sensation that the joint is more supple and flexible. These improvements are usually perceived by the end of the treatment.

Musculoskeletal ailments are often the cause of headaches. A sports massage that targets the back, neck and shoulders will help reduce the occurrence and intensity of those headaches.

Shoulder injury

Some of the common conditions that can be the cause of problem with your shoulder are Frozen shoulder, shoulder impingement, rotator cuff dysfunction, tendinitis, overuse and misuse, repetitive overhead activity.

Elbow dysfunction

This can develop when inappropriate technique is used in sports such as tennis and golf but can also be caused by overused at the office (e.g. poor keyboard, mouse, chair set-up). Conditions such as Tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow and repetitive strain injury are regularly seen at Core Essence and effective relieve can be attained through massage techniques and rehabilitation.

Hip issues

Whether the injury is degenerative, traumatic or mechanical, sports massage can help alleviate the direct symptoms in the hip region as well as the compensation patterns experienced elsewhere in the body.

Sports massage also helps in the weeks and months prior to hip replacement surgery by significantly reducing the pain and keeping the joint as lose as possible using a combination of manipulations and stretches.

Knee problems

The knee joint is particularly vulnerable to damage and pain because of the complexity of its design and that it takes the full weight of the body and any extra force when running and jumping. Sports massage will help dealing with iliotibial band tension, ligament injuries and anterior knee pain as well as the more degenerative condition arthritis.

Ankle and foot injuries

Poor bio-mechanics of the ankle/feet and/or poor footwear can cause pain or injury in other areas of the body such as knees, hip or lower back.

Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis and recent or old sprained ankles are problems that can affect your feet or ankles.

The conditions and causes of pain stated above are not exhaustive. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in any part of your body you can contact Core Essence to find out how sports massage can help alleviate your aches.